Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tigers In The Grass

We have a child absent from our family this week. Madeline is having her own adventures in Auckland with my parents and extended family for a week. We really really miss her.

However, these two do find their own fun regularly.
Watching them play make me silently giggle. 
My heart swells when I'm watching them like this.

Like today when they found long grass in the garden and decided to play tigers. Johnny rushed inside the house to fetch a top (he was shirtless and is prone to itchy grass rash). He was gone for ages so we thought he'd forgotten us. Turns out he was crafting himself tiger ears and a tail then dressing himself in the dark outfit (which is actually his pj's) - perhaps he's cut out for costume design? Kid knows how to go the extra mile. (he's so cute!)

They prowled and played in the grass.

The kids and I are heading up to Auckland this coming week as I have a few medical appointments to attend. Nothing serious, just checkups and blood tests but a bit of pain. I'm looking forward to the day I don't have to make these anymore. I love Auckland but sometimes its just nice to be close to home.
Especially on days like today.

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